Autumn forest


In this painting the intention was to mix the colors of the forest on the picture as well as the mystique effect by the light that shines on the trees and on the background behind the trees. At first I started with the light on the background, a brown section beneath and a darkgreen section on top. Then I painted the treetrunks on the back en mixed the paint a bit darker for the trees on the front. It was difficult to paint the beautiful light on the pines in the background. The colour is ok, but I am not satisfied with the size of my dots.

Then a few evenings later I continued, but I did not have my picture with me what was my example, so I finished the painting by head. That is why it is a bit different.

Autumn forest


40 x 70 cm

This painting is still available at my Esty Shop



2 thoughts on “Autumn forest

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