New Year’s Resolutions 2014

2014-01-08 15.42.30

I finished my new years resolution-painting. It is still January, so I am just in time. During the Christmasholiday I did not work for two weeks and it was the first time in 8 months that I did not think of work. That made room in my head to gain the inspiration to paint. So I painted the angel (see my other blogpost). It was so nice to be able to work with my heart and intuition in stead of thinking with my head all the time. So my resolution for 2014 was (and is) to live more from my heart. Sometimes I pull a card from the great masters-set and off course I pulled the card of Saint Franciscus with the message ‘follow your heart’.

2014-01-08 15.42.54

Besides living in connection with my heart (in stead of my head) I want to spend more time in nature and with my friends and family, so be more connected to nature and other people. (Ahum, I did not go to the woods, but I made appointments with my friends). You see the trees, a symbol for nature, and the people in the back for my friends and family. Under the trees you see the roots. The roots are also coming from my feet, so I will keep grounded (and not in my head, LOL). I tried to paint the  light from the heart as the light on the card of Saint Franciscus. The people have no shades, that was intentionally.

I used different techniques. The trees and roots are painted with gel medium. For the people I mixed sand with paint. And the light from the heart is mixed with iriscidising medium. It was very difficult to work with the gel medium. I don’t know whether I will use it again. Maybe just like in the trees, but I think the roots are messy and I am not satisfied. The mixed sand/paint was nice to work with, but difficult to apply and it made it even more difficult to make shades or faces so I just made them one colour.

In this painting I used same the background I painted in my earlier paintings ‘autumn forest‘ and ‘red/purple trees‘. But this painting is different, because it has my intentions for 2014 in it. I have to keep it on my working place, so I will be reminded every day of my resolutions. And I have to realize them!

Acrylic paint on canvas – 2014 – 60×80 cm

resolutions 2014


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