Red/purple trees

2013-11-22 22.34.16My friend was very impressed by the painting of the autumn forest I made. She wanted a similar painting, but then with a lot of red and purple, so it would fit in her interior. Well, that is a challenge, because you can’t make a similar painting with red and purple trees, because it is pretty realistic. So I decided to make it just a bit unrealistic and more impressionistic.

I started with the background and the treetrunks. 
Then I painted the plants and grass along the stream. 

The shrubs were a challenge, because I already painted the treetrunks. That was not so smart. The shrubs had to appear being behind the treetrunks. I used horizontal stripes for the shrubs, so it would seem like they had horizontal branches and leaves.

2013-12-27 16.06.22The leaves of the trees in the upper side of the painting are also painted with waving horizontal stripes in various colours. This way it gives a impression of a shape like a branch with leaves.

2013-12-28 16.49.17

2013-12-28 16.48.35

In the back, right side of the painting, I painted two deer, that represent two of my friends sons of 11 and 13 years old. In the front two babybunnies, that represent her two youngest children of 3 and 5 years old. The bench in the front is a resting place for my friend. She can sit there and enjoy the calmness of the stream. The youngest son is stil under the bench, but the other sons are playing on the other side. She does not have to look out for them that much anymore.

In the back are some broken, dark trees. They represent the past with painfull and difficult memories. But they stand in the light, which means the pain is healed. You still can see the scars (the trees) but they don’t hurt anymore. 

2013-12-28 16.48.07

Canvas 90×120 cm


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