Flapping laundry

acrylic paint on canvas 90×120 cm

It is a never ending study to disover how to paint light and shadow. In this painting, I was more free in the shades, with more fuzzy lines, compared to my previous painting. I must say I like this also. I don’t know what will be my personal style yet. I like the impressionists, so I don’t mind it to be not realistic, but that it gives the impression of trees in the background and grass in the front. You see the shade of the sheets and the trees with the light trough it on the grass.

There was a kind of art-exchange in Facebook, where you have to place a painting on your timeline if you like someone else’s update with a painting. I participated one day and someone placed a painting of flapping laundry because she liked it. So I decided to make flapping laundry once and now I did.


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