Being an artist or being a creative

Today I made this art journal with some paper from magazines. In the envelope I put some cards on wich I wrote in calligraphy.

‘I really like to create a page in this book every day. Even if it is instand crea with stickers, etc. It is the only thing I have energy for after a long working day. There is also not enough light in my studio to paint in the evening. So until the days get longer I am working downstairs. Even if it is not real art, I enjoy to go through the pages of magazines searching for matching patterns to make a good page. From 12 januari I receive every month new prints, since I took a subscription to the magazine Flow with a lot of prints in it. And on the same day paintinglesson. Shall I finish my painting with fluttering laundry or experiment with mixed media on a canvas?’

I now think it is not just creative, but also experimenting with materials and prints. When I find a good combo or effect, I can translate it to a large canvas.

2016-01-10 22.37.59 2016-01-10 22.37.08


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