2016-01-07 21.48.26Next Saturday my grandmother will turn 94 years old. I have made a page for her, with her picture in it. She is only a bit deaf and has trouble walking. I always stayed at her house or went on campingtrips with my friends. They all still call her ‘oma Moppie’. (because she always calls us ‘Moppie’. )


I started with a background in the colours of the postcard I wanted to use. Then I was looking for a way to add the postcard and the photo of my grandmother to the pages and the idea came to me to make it a kind of phrame, then it became shutters. On the shutters I wrote ‘Open the shutters’. So if you open them, you will see my grandmother. The postcard is a rectangle, what is a bit static. Therefore I drew the branche of the postcard on the whole page, so it would look more one composition. I am not satisfied with the flower in the right corner, because I do not like it. It was better without it, but the corner needed something. 2016-01-07 21.46.26


2 thoughts on “94

  1. It’s lovely! You can always cover up the flower if you don’t like it. I am “scraplifting” the shutter frame idea. Love that! What an awesome tribute, I’m sure she’ll love it!

    • Hi Wendy, You’re always welcome to ‘scraplift’ ideas! Thanks for the suggestion to cover it up. I think I am going to do that tonight.

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