Happy New Year!

We celebrates New Year’s Eve at my brother and his family. We just got two little dogs, so we didn’t want to keep them alone at home, especially with the fireworks last evening. So we took them with us. My brother has also a dog and there was another dog. So it was like in a movie of Austin Powers with his mini-me: there were two large dogs, with their mini-me’s. The dogs got along well, but one of our new dogs pooped in the living room. I was not amused!

As always, I have the following intentions for next year:

  • go to bed on time (and have the energy to get up early)
  • go to gym
  • no crap food / snacks
  • draw and / or paint more! (and this is the first drawing).

I wanted to paint this vacation, but I dit not have the energy or time. Next year I want to paint 3 evenings in the week, so I hope there will be more updates from me this year on my blog with paintings and my art journal.

Wishing you all the best and a lot of creativity for 2016!!!!!



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