Geraniums in buckets

I still am very inspired by the impressionists. I do not work with their tache-technique, but I try to catch the light like they did and not paint exactly what I see, but just an impression. For this painting I really struggled with the light, but also with the colour of the buckets. I never want to use pure grey, because it is such a ‘dead’ colour.

2015-07-25 14.04.28 2015-07-25 15.49.40 2015-07-25 17.05.362015-07-27 13.59.48









I always work from the back to the front, so I started with the white wall behind the buckets. Another challenge: white is never just white, but it has different tones in it. But which tones? At first the wall became too green/yellowish. I made the buckets blue, wich was a bad idea. On the other hand, the pasty medium I used for the ladder behind the buckets, was a succes. The ladder really does look like the paint is peeling off.

For my bucket-problem, I decided to do what I never do: paint them grey with tones from black to white. Then I surfed on the internet for some inspiration. Pinterest, Youtube, Google pictures. I saw some pretty amazing painters. Then I decided to take Prussian Blue and Burned Sienna and mix it with the glossy medium. A real invention is to whipe it out with a cloth. This gives the bucket this antique look. And voilà, you see the result.

cb2a0f81c89644c48dd479b8386efd68 b7ba4cd88c43db8f2a38bdd2895fe7da 2013-07-18 07.21.00 6be9a78499460ebb01823589f211bfb3 2ffe0942d806889618cb515486eceb46






I thought it would be very difficult to paint the flowers and the leaves, but that was not the case. I just took some tones of green and roughly sketched some lines and you see the result.

I made a mistake with the shades of the flowers. The sunlight is coming from above, so the shades have to be lower then the object. I did so with the bucket, but the shades of the flowers I made to high. So I had to overpaint the background on those parts and applied the shades lower, more in the colourtone of the background. Speaking of which, the background still was not to my satisfaction. So I added some pink and light blue to it. And I learned that the light blue was the key to making it look whiter and fresher. Lesson to remember for later!

To finish the painting and make it look more alive, I made some lines on the buckets with Prussian Blue. And added the bleu too to the darker areas in the leaves.

I am happy to see how the painting worked out. I look forward to a next project to apply what I learned so far concerning light and shades!


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