Cow print on office closet

We have a meeting room that is rent by a start-up for a few days per week. They furnished the room with a conference table and two closets. We added the chairs. One of the closets was very dirty and old, it was not suitable for a meeting room. They wanted to paint the whole closet orange. I thought that would be too much, so I proposed a cow print to make it look like a modern art object. They agreed, so I had to fill some saturdays the last month with painting this closet.

2015-04-11 13.44.46

1. I first draw the print with pencil. Then I filled up the grey between the spots. It was too much work to cover all the spots with plastic, so I decided to continue without covering. The spots would be surrounded by a black rim.

2015-04-11 15.25.43-1

2. Then I filled the spots with light green and orange, the same colour as the chairs in the room.

2015-05-05 10.04.46

3. To finish I surrouned the spots with a black rim with a permanent marker.


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