Poppy Rembrandt-style

2015-04-07 19.51.39In the famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam there is an exhibition with the paintings of Rembrandt at the moment. I did not visit it, but the news and media are all over it. So is my painting teacher. He proposed to teach us the Rembrandt-style. Well, quite a challenge!

I  made this painting in my own style, but with some techniques of Rembrandt. For example, I always painted from light to dark. But Rembrandt dit not. He started with a dark background and then started to paint the light parts with white in the background, that was still wet. So did I and you can see the result in the picture beside.

The effect is quite cool an astonishing. My fellow-students said I shouldn’t continue with colour, but I really wanted to add colour. I saw another student in another group use this technique and I was very excited about the light that shines through when you add the colour. So I took the red and pink and mixed it with a transparent glossy medium. In the picture on your screen you cannot really see the effect, just a bit. I can really recommend you to try this at home!

2015-04-07 19.51.26


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