Canvass blackboard-like

The other meeting-locations of the same brand, Seats2meet, all have this blackboards with quotes on it. For me a reason to make one too. Except I used a canvass and painted it black first. I bought a thin acrylic paint-pen in white. I never used one before and I never will again. Not that I am not satisfied with the results, on the contrary. No, I hated to use the pen on the canvass. I can imagine that it is very comfortable to use such a pen on paper, but on the canvass you feel all the bumps in the fabric and that is quite uncomfortable. Its like a real charcoal on a blackboard and you really don’t want to feel or hear that!

However I finished this one, as I promised to my business partner. The quote is our slogan. It is now on the wall above the coffeemachine, so everyone that visits us can read this slogan.


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