The Pears of Leo van Gestel

2015-02-08 13.41.00-1I visited the Singer museum in Laren, near my hometown. Actually I visit this museum almost with every new exhibition they have. This time it was an exhibition of Leo van Gestel. I never heard of the painter, but it was very interesting to see his work. In his work you can see the development of modern art. He was able to paint in every impressionistic and expressionistic style.

Because I just opened a meeting location, called Peer! (from peer to peer), I wanted to paint pears to hang in one of the meetingrooms. So when I saw the Leo van Gestel painted pears, I immediately took a picture and painted them later.

2015-02-08 17.46.57

I really like the bright colours Leo used in his painting, so I used them too. My pears have also some more bright spots, but light is essential for a painting to be ‘alive’. This painting is going to be placed in the workspace of my location. I think I will paint some more pears, of other great painters. Which famous pear-painting shall I paint next?


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