Ik ken je niet, en toch denk ik aan je…

This is a beautiful written blog about the horrific planecrash last week (in Dutch). The whole country is in mourning. Numerous of our friends have lost collegues, friends and family. We normally feel free and save, with war only on the news or in the paper. But now it is nearby.

Last week I whatched the movie ‘a bridge too far’ to prepare for my painting. With the planecrash and the effect on the people around me, it is very clear and at the same time unimaginable what this operation Market Garden was like.

I am wiser and a lot more aware then I was a week ago. I wish I was not.

Gisteren was je er nog. Je was vriendin, opa, moeder, klasgenoot, de buurman, een collega, die jongen aan de kassa, dat leuke stel van verderop in de straat. Gister nog zwaaiden naasten je uit op het vliegveld. Je was een vakantieganger op weg naar zon, zee en strand, een uitwisselingsstudent op weg naar familie, een professor op weg naar een conferentie.
Vandaag ben je een slachtoffer. Een slachtoffer van een strijd waar je helemaal niets mee te maken had. Slachtoffer van geweld dat even zinloos is als dweilen met de kraan open.

Ik ken je niet en toch ben je constant in mijn gedachten. Vakantie vieren voelt ineens egoïstisch wanneer ik denk aan het verdriet van de mensen die je gister nog uitgezwaaid hebben. De mensen die hoopten op een veilige terugkeer. Die nog steeds hopen dat ze straks zullen ontwaken uit een nachtmerrie.

Ik blijf aan je denken. Hoe…

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5 thoughts on “Ik ken je niet, en toch denk ik aan je…

  1. This wasn’t a plane crash. It was murdering. I’m feeling so sorry for the terrible tragedy as I live nearby the place (one hour drive or so). They are just criminals. Mostly they come from Russia or local rogues and thugs. Plus former policemen and authorities. Rebels were those who had thrown out Yanukovitch and his companyof thieves. And now he and the Putin’s sympathizers just want to take a revenge. I don’t like it when in international mass media call these ones the rebels. They are bandits obsessed with maniacal ideas. Be sure I know what I’m saying because I see and hear it here. The only one way is to stop Putin and the like him until it’s too late. They just can’t control themselves any more. One more thing… I’m probably under the influence of these events. Children died. Innocent people. From Netherlands, USA, Great Britain, Australia… They could do something in their lives. But were killed by a bunch of bandits and Putin again cynically continues to deny his involvement in this crime. It seems that the terrorists have made the rockets in home conditions. Even if the plane was hit by a mistake it doesn’t remove the resposibility and the blame from those who kill the Ukrainians and now the people from other countries. So many good people suffer here in Ukraine from the violence. I was never silent about it. But the world is silent and meek so far. And we are struggling in our own hard way against the threats and the criminals. I wish the people of your country understand it. But no one will revive the victims of the foreign war. That’s a great pity and sorrow. You may have an additional information below but the English translation can not fully render the original Russian slang and rude language and the cynicism they use when discussing what had happened:


    • Yuriy Ku, thank you for your reply. I know it must be hard for you in Oekraïne. I have a friend with family in your country, so I know a bit what is going on and I can’t imagine how much you suffer. It must be tragic to be unsafe in your own country where bandits, as you call them, are killing innocent people in your country. What happened with the plane MH17 is a wake up call for us and we realize this is the situation you are in all the time. I see that in people around me, we take our peace less for granted. Although I share your hope for freeing your country from the bandits/rebels, but the west cannot risk a international nuclear war, so precaution is very important. I hope the UN and world leaders will find a way to help you soon. Know I am thinking of you and praying for a safe, peaceful Oekraïne.

      Are you Ok I share your comment on my facebookpage with my Dutch friends?

      • You may if you want to and if it clears a bit the situation. I suppose it’s not so simple to solve it in one go. But the problem of the humanity that it is always late and then, in this or that way, takes the consequences of what wasn’t done in time. I’m a peaceful person, an artist, I analyse the ways of protecting and show the ways of dealing with the situations. But the thought that an absurd bullet from someone’s weapon can kill me or someone else like me at any moment makes me act and name those who are directly or indirectly involved into it. If it is a crime it should be punished. They try to avoid the punishment from many crimes including those like beating up the students, blasting with cold water in winter the protesters and so many, many other things. We are all in one boat and if something happens in one place it always ricochets in another one. I keep on going so far – could be better of course but I do what I’m capable of. : ) Take care, Sandra. Thank you for the words but now they are needed for those who had lost their the dearest.

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