Day 3: Musée d’Orsay

We got up early for our vacation-standards, so we were a quarter before openingtime at Musée d’Orsay. And that was really necessary because there was already a line that almost reached the Seine 😉 (The museum is situated next to the river Seine). The museum has a large collection of Impressionists and other artists that influenced them. Below you s ee a few paintings of places we are going to visit the next days, that are in this museum.

– * – * –

Voor onze vakantienormen vroeg op, dus we waren een kwartier voor openingstijd bij Musée d’Orsay. En dat was echt nodig, want de rij bereikte al bijna de Seine 😉 Het museum heeft een grote collectie Impressionisten en andere kunstenaars die hen hebben geïnspireerd. Hieronder zie je enkele schilderijen van plaatsen waar we deze vakantie nog heen gaan, die in dit museum hangen.

brug bij argenteuil - monet

Bridge at Argenteuil – Monet

Paris Musee D'Orsay Claude Monet 1916-19 Nympheas Blue Water Lilies

Nympheas Blue Waterlilys – Monet


Cliff at Etretat after the storm – Courbet

482px-Sisley_Rue_de_la_Princesse,_Louveciennes - Sisley

Rue de la Princesse, Louveciennes – Sisley

Sisley_Flood_at_Port-Marly_2 - Sisley

Flood at Port Marly – Sisley

the-seine-at-vetheuil-3 Monet

The Seine at Vetheuil – Monet

rouen cathedral monet

Cathedral of Rouen – Monet




























I thought this painting of Rosa Bonheur was the most beautiful realistic painting in the museum. First of all, it was very special a woman became this famous. How she painted the earth and the cows, even the drooling of the cows. it is very special.

Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur








I would like to practice my painting and learn how Monet uses shadow and light in this beautiful piece of art. How the light shines through the trees and gives light and shades on the dresses and the picnickblanket.

Lunch in the shade - Monet

Lunch in the shade – Monet


One thought on “Day 3: Musée d’Orsay

  1. Your Monet paintings of Rouen’s cathedral were very interesting. I have two blogs, an art blog where I have just recently been attempting to turn some of my photos of France into a ‘Monet’, and a travel blog where I just posted about the Cathedral of Rouen and titled it a ‘Study in Grey’. Obviously I hadn’t seen Monet’s paintings which are anything but grey.

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