Mice idea

This idea is in my head for quite some time, so I drew it to store it in my sketchbook for later. I live in a neighbourhood with a lot of little children and I wanted to cheer up our block a bit. So I thought of little animals that have their own society within ours. Our Dutch houses are made of bricks, as you may know. Those bricks form a perfect apartment for a mouse. So the drawing on the top will be the apartment in the size of one brick.

Next to our house is a porch for the cars to come in and out the parking area with a steel beam about 3 mteters high. On that is a mother mouse with her son, just on her way to do some grocery shopping, but is talking to the mouse of the appartment. The drawing on the bottom is a house, but you can not see who lives there. I want to start with this house to increase the curiousity of my neighbours.

Now I have to find some materials en techniques to make this for outside, where it freezes and rains. To be continued!



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