Celebrating spring


Coke Warhol

Today is the first day with rain and clouds since we had sun and warm weather for more than one week! We could sit in our garden and absorb the very much needed vitamine D. You understand I didn’t paint much in the last week.

Because I had no appointments for 4 days, it was a very good opportunity to detox myself from cafeïne. I didn’t like to need cafeïne. When you don’t take it when you are used to take cafeïne from coffee or tea, you get a headache.

Because I don’t like coffee, I drink diet Coke all the time. I love it, the normal Coke more, but then I would gain weight. The diet Coke is not any better with the aspartaam and other chemicals. So after two days of migraine and flewlikish symptoms I am as new. Now I have to stay off the Coca Cola!



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