Nautilusproject 6

I have finally figured out what the nautilus means to me. I have not translated it into a painting, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you anyway. In five former blogs you can read a.o. what information I found on the nautilus and the painting I made. Now I will tell you what I made of all the info I found, combined with my own experience.

As you can see the nautilus is build in chambers and every month the nautilus makes a new chamber and moves on to the next until he is an adult. Many people see the chambers as a symbol of stages in life. In every stage you learn new things. You keep the experience from the earlier stages, but with every stage you have a whole new, larger area you can oversee. I so feel that in the current stage I am in. I really have the feeling that I can be who I really am (make fun and celebrate life), do what I really want (paint and create) and not be limited by what I think is expected of me. That feels really free!

The highest stage that we can achieve as a human, is enlightenment. Every culture has his own explanation of what that means. For me, it is feeling connected to all that is, the world, the people, the animals, nature and even the universe. Being one with an energyfield of love and light. I think that is what Josephine Wall meant by her painting of the Nautilus: the final stage is where we feel one with all.

schematische weergave nautilusThe Fibonacci ratio tells us the same: it is a mathematical principle that you find in almost every object in nature, in arts, in the universe and therefore it means that we are all one.

Now I have the difficult task (given to myself of course) to translate these abstract ideas to a painting. And when I see the painting of Josephine Wall, I hardly think I can make anything that shows these ideas better.


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