Infographic, banner and social media teaser

Afbeelding tbv social media teaser 2As you may know, I also am a marketing consultant. It is very tempting to make the images for campaigns myself and not assign to a graphic designer, because I enjoy making them very much (and it is cheaper). This images I designed for a collegue who has developed a course for creative entrepeneurs, named Tiramisu.

infographic recept tiramisu

Tiramisu is the famous Italian cake, but it means actually ‘lift me up’, ‘make me happy’, it refers to the entrepeneurs who can boost their business with this course.

Above (right): social media teaser to atract attention for the course and invite people to click to the recipe.

banner 2


Right: Banner for the website to go to the recipe.

Left: infographic recipe for Tiramisu (not the actual recipe, but the recipe for the course). Most of the time I think infographics are too much images and text. I tried to make it calm and well-organized.


Dutch creative entrepeneurs near Amersfoort:

Vanaf 10 maart a.s. staat er meer info op over deze cursus waarmee je je creatieve onderneming een flinke boost kan geven!









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