The result of the bright colors project: Depletion interaction of coloids

colloids3You probably think: the …. what? Well, I did. I know nothing about chemistry, so I had to do some homework. My friend, for who I made the paintings you saw in my blog ‘bright colours part 2‘ earlier, is a professor and we were invited for his oration at the University of Utrecht. And what kind of present do you give at such occassions? So I decided to make paintings for him about his specialism: depletion interaction of colloids.


Because I am not a scientist I can explain very simple what it means (if I understood it well): if you extract (depletion) certian colloids from a suspension and other colloids remain, you can change the stability and form of the substance. For example think about cheese: if you extract whey from milk, you get cheese.

So I sought all kinds of pictures of colloids, but no coloured pictures to be found online. All black and white. So I used the colours I decided to use more. I practiced on a piece of paper which combinations were the best. I chose to make circles, triangles, dots, squares and cilinders (see the picture on the left), because I saw them on the Internet als shapes of colloids. That part is realistic.

2014-01-26 15.43.032014-01-26 15.42.22But in deciding how the shapes would be placed in the painting, I took some liberty. I chose a repititive pattern of two shapes and by leaving one of the shapes away, the other shapes clit to one another forming another substance. Finally, when I painted the 5th painting, I decided to paint the colloids in a spiral, inspired by my Nautilus project.

This is how I explained the text about the subject I found, I hope it matches the reality enough for my friend to recognize I meant to paint depletion interaction, LOL.

In this animation you can see ‘the making of’.

All the paintings are 30×40 cm and made with acrylic paint on canvas.

2014-01-26 15.42.45

2014-01-26 16.56.11

2014-02-06 16.40.45

2014-02-06 15.42.57

2014-02-06 16.19.54


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