Project little squares 1

BeeldvanBeatrix_copyrightfotoSarisdenEngelsman_0933You might know by now I work on several projects at the same time. This is another project of mine. It started with an exhibition last year at the time of the coronation of our new king. It was an exhibition in Palace Het Loo with portraits of former queen Beatrix. It was possible for al citizens to send a portrait of the queen and win a place in the exhibition.  If you want to see them, you can look on the site of the exhibition. It is very inspiring to see al those techniques and materials. One of the portraits was made of stamps, like you can see on the picture on the right.

foto van landschap tbv collage

(Unfortunately I could not find a bigger picture of this artwork, but on this picture you can see better it is made of stamps).

That gave me the idea to experiment with some magazines and a hardboard. I started to cut out little squares in all kinds of colour and then I decided not to make a potrait, but a landscape. You can see the mountain on the back looks like a pregnant femail laying on her back. Any way, that is what I saw in it. So I started to paste the squares on the board, that I first painted white. I stopped at this point, because I had so many new projects, but I intend to work further on it next week.

2014-02-13 15.14.28

I think I will paint the trees once I made the background with the squares. Especially the tree in the front, what must be the eyecatcher of the painting, but I cannot stop seeing the ‘woman’ in the back. In the picture on the right you see (a bit vague) I made the lines to make it more look like a woman. You can also see that in the picture on the bottom, what it has become until now. I had to cheat a little to make the contrast between the mountains and the sky a strong line, so I cut some squares in another shape. I think I have to ad a piece of paper to the belly, because one square is a little too light of colour.

2013-10-25 10.17.48


to be continued……..

2014-02-13 15.12.40


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