Museum Koblenz

2014-02-01 13.49.22We spend this weekend in Germany to celebrate our 23th wedding anniversary. Normally we are going hiking, but it was pooring al day. So we looked for a museum of modern arts in the neighbourhood and found one in Koblenz. We went there and there happened to be an exhibition of a French painter, Claude Viallat. His work is very consistent, he uses the same pattern in every piece that he makes, but varies in colour.

In this exhibition the pieces were painted on all sorts of materials, like a piece of a tent, a parasol, a tablecloth, some linen sewed together and a cover of a boat and an army truck. I must confess I always wonder how some artists can focus on one theme for several years. Mostly I am bored very quickly and I work on a lot of themes/projects at the same time, as you can read/see in this blog. But then again: if someone was to pay me a few 1000 dollars/euros for a painting (or more), I guess I wouldn’t complain and make one piece every day. Although, one per month would be enough to live! 😉

2014-02-01 13.49.35

But let’s get serious and let me tell you why I blog about this painter. He helped me to think outside the box, or better: outside the materials I normally use. I always buy canvasses, but why would I do that? I have a closet full of textiles to make one day something with it and my parasol in the garden is almost worn. I belief my mother has the tent of her caravan still laying on her attic. So, a lot of possibilities to vary.

My paintings are not really abstract until now and I am stil doubting how to apply this kind of painting on those different textiles. I think I am going to let this simmer for a while in my mind (a dutch expression).


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