Nautilus Project – 2 –

9abea3992729e4136b0c08b461673e47I wondered how the nautilus was built, does it have the same organs as we? In this beautiful picture you can see the nautilus’ anatomy.

In my research I found a few interesting views on the meaning of the nautilus as a symbol:

  • ‘Sacred Geometry reflects the universe, its pure forms and the dynamic relationship of our selves to nature — the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. By studying the Sacred Geometry of one thing we give meaning and structural insight into the workings of the inner self. ‘
  • ‘The spiral symbolizes the development of our true self as center of the spiral. The center is the start with birth and the spiral the path of our lives. The tric is to find your way back to your true self in the center, with all our unique qualities. Every chamber represents a fase in our lives. The walls represent blockages and challenges that we meet.
  • The aboriginals see the spiral als an symbol for the soul of Alinda, the moonman, who falls every moonmonth from the sky into the sea. That explains the walls in the shell. It amazes me that the Aboriginals knew that every chamber stands for a moonmonth.

You see, there are a lot of views on what the nautilus stands for and every culture and even every person has a different view. For me to decide what I think and more important: how do I want to visualize it in a painting. While thinking about that, I made a start with the shell-painting. When I know what the nautilus means to me, I will make another one.

This is how far I am with this painting. I also made a drawing first to understand the principle of the Fibonacci-sequence.

2014-01-30 15.28.08 20140130_202853


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