Museum visit Zwolle


Today I went with my husband to a museum. Normally we only go on weekends, but he had the day off because we had our 23th wedding anniversary today. So we went to Zwolle to the Fundatie. A museum with modern and historical art. In this blog I will tell you what I liked in this museum.

There were a lot of paintings/drawings of Marino Marini, a painter I did not know yet. He spent years studying horses and acrobats. There were many drawings, in which he practised to abstract this theme. Then he made paintings with just a few lines in which you can see the horses.

In the other painting on this page, you see it is a bit less abstract. You can still recognise the people and the horse. I like the colours he uses and the fact you can see his process because there were so many paintings of him. This gives an impression of the development of his work and I find this very inspiring. I don’t think I can focus on one theme this many years, but maybe I will with my nautilus project. Who knows………

What I thought the most beautiful painting in the museum was a painting by William Turner. It is one of his later paintings and you can see it is more  impressionistic then his earlier work with landscapes and marines.



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