Nautilus Project – I –

4becd762f90e3138c81961edabde25c1Since a month or so I am fascinated by the Nautilus. What it is that fascinates me, I cannot tell exactly. At first I discovered that the Nautilus is a shell-fish that makes exactly every full moon a new chamber in its shell and that is how the chambers in the nautilus are formed. The connection with the moon, even though the nautilus lives very deep under the see, is amazing.

It started with a picture I had to choose for my laptop. I chose a picture of the nautilus and I saw it every time I started to work on my laptop. Then I started a board on Pinterest: Nautilus project. Many people appeared to be interested in the nautilus, spirals, monolites and so on. It inspired artists of all times to make art with glass, textile, sculptures, architecture, furniture and jewelry. Even in sunflowers and in the Mona Lisa of Da Vinci you can recognise this pattern. Maybe that is why so many people are fascinated by this animal, or actually, its shell.

schematische weergave nautilus

The shell has mathematical properties, such as the golden ratio and the Fibonacci-sequence. I will not bother you with the details, (since I am no math-genious), but you can see in the picture on the right that the rectangles enlarge with the same ratio every time. This can continue unfinitely.

So now I know why mathematicians are fascinated by the nautilus, but I still don’t know what is means to artists and even in a religious way to many people. I will have to continue to do some research.

But now back to the main theme of my blog: painting. I decided to start painting the nautilus, like you see above. I think I will make much more paintings of this theme trying to find what it means to me and mankind now and in history.

To be continued.


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