60×80, acrylic paint on canvass

2013-12-31 16.41.41

I really enjoyed the Christmas-holidays, didn’t you? It was the first time since a year that I did not spend one minute working and so I had lots of time – besides family dinners – to paint and work out some ideas. My creativity really started to flow and I was really relaxed and balanced. So my new resolution for 2014 is to work less and paint more!

One of those ideas was to paint an angel. Inspired by the Christmasstory of the angels that told that Jesus was born and the message of the light: the darkest day has passed and the days will get longer from now on.

I have a pot with golden paint, so I wanted to try how it would look on a painting. This painting I made on paper to test the paint. I did not think the background was OK, it was too dark and I ruined the total painting by adding the yellow arounnd the angel. But the left wing was to my satisfaction. So: lesson for the actual painting was to keep the surrounding of the angel light. 

2014-01-03 22.32.55

Then I started to paint the ‘real’ painting. The first layer was in paint and The angelwings were – in my opinion – succesfull. Because I had new materials, like a medium with a pearl glow, I experimented to paint this over the background to give the painting a nice glow. But because I mixed it with a bit of golden paint, the whole background became a bit pale. That was not my intention! Besides, I was very dissatisfied with the way I painted the background. I saw some pictures on Pinterest with angels and especially the work of Steven Daluz, this painting. My background was very amateuristic and I tried and tried on a piece of paper to make the background more look like the angel was enlightened and to make it more fluent. Also more variation in color, not only napels pink and sienna.

On the last day of the holidays I finished the painting with a better background. It was by far not as good as Steven Daluz’s paintings, but I improved myself so I was satisfied. The painting did still not have the glow like I meant, so I still have to buy shiney varnish. Maybe next month….. then I will finish it for real.



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