Bird in winter landscape

Canvas 50 x 70 cm – acrylic paint – conté – sand


vogel in winterlandschapI chose to paint this picture of a bird in a winter landschape. (Found on Pinterest, a very addictive and inspiring social medium, LOL). The vulnerability of this little bird in the snowy landscape moved me, as well as the beautiful combination of the warm red and orange colours in contrast with the white frost and snow. 

I made this painting with different materials and steps.

2014-01-03 16.30.27 bewerktFirst I made a sketch with aquarel pencil on a piece of paper.

Then I made a background on a canvas with just shades of grey/beige with acrylic paint.

To make the branches in the front, I used conté in a brown color. The berries and bird I painted with acrylic paint.

The challenge was to make the frost on the branches and berries. For a snowy effect and some reliëf I mixed the white paint with sand. And voilà: a frosty effect.


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