When my daughter was in the hospital last week, I visited her on Sunday. She was feeling better, so I brought my paint and canvasses and we installed ourselfs at a picknicktable outside the hospital. A nice spot in the sun.
I wanted to experiment with textile, so I took some ugly cotton with flowers and started to apply it on the canvas with glue. When it dried, I painted it, but the result was so ugly, I hardly dare to show it here. But OK, I won’t be childish, so here it is.

Since I was very incontent with this painting, I got inspired by my daughter. She painted a nice forest with a unicorn in it. So I decided to change my painting entirely and tadaaa, you see what it has become.

Still not the most beautiful painting, but I like the lupines. Also the fabric makes a nice relief. When I use this technique again, I will most certainly make first a sketch so I will know where to apply the fabric.


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