Exhibition Studio Wim van Veelen

On the 5th of July I participated in an exhibition with my fellow-painters from Studio Wim van Veelen. The paintings were shown in the beautiful garden and in the studio itself. I made many photo’s, if you want to see them all, you can look in my Picasa webalbum. In this blog I only show you my own paintings. While I decided where to put the paintings, Wim followed with hammer, nails and even a drill machine to hang paintings on the brick wall. We were just finished in time, when the first visitors arrived.

It was fun to participate and to give every painting a beautiful spot. I also was curious to see the paintings of my fellow-painters, because every time a had seen the beginning, but not the result of the paintings.

The woolf painting was laid on a black table.
The portrait of my grandmother had a beautiful place on the wall surrounding the garden.
This paining was just finished the night before! It was an experiment to make a painting with the shape of letters. 
The meditating figure looks really zen behind the plants.
After we gave all the paintings a beautiful spot, this series of three was left. But Wim had an excellent idea. There was one easel left and he had a large white wooden plate, where he hung the three. 
The rose had a beautiful spot next to the door in the studio.

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