Experimenting with letters (1)

In my paintinggroup we alle had our own themes and style to work with, but now we tried all to make something with letters. I already figured I wanted to paint flowers from every season, because I had three little canvases (winter would not be a part of this series of three, because that is a season of rest).
At first I painted the background with light blue and pink. Then I took an old phonebook and cut pieces, which I applied on the canvases. Then I painted the flowers with acrylic paint. For spring a tulip, for summer a rose and for autumn a chrystanthemum. As finishing touch I wrote all the words I associated with those three seasons on a piece of paper and then I chose the four most important words. I wrote these words on the painting with a permanent marker.

Serie lente, zomer, herfst
Series spring, summer, autumn
Translation of the words:
begin = start, kiem = sprout (the first tiny plant when the seed opens), groei = grow, ritselen = rustle

Bloei = flourish, zichbaar = visible, naar buiten treden = to go public, ontluiken = sprout (when a flower opens)
Oogst = harvest, plukken = pick, vruchten = fruits, afronden = finish


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