Niece in 4 colours

In a few days is the birthday of my niece. She is going through a rough time and I wanted to give her a picture of her that shows the strong person I see in her. I hope, when she sees the picture of herself, it will be like an affirmation for her to hold on to her strong, warm and kind side.

Mieke – canvas 40×50

Acrylic paint

First I made a sketch with charcoal.

By continuing my experiments with shades I chose 4 colours (and cheated a bit with white in the eyes, lips and hair).  Then I selected the colours I wanted to work with. It had to be a warm expression, so no blue tones like I used before with the picture of my daughter. I chose purple, carmine and a variation on Napels.

At first I painted the background grey, but it was too cold and stiff. Since she has a connection with nature, I finally made the background light green.


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